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Chemical Name: Furfural
Formula: C5H4O2

It is transparent liquid with light yellow to amber and odor of bitter almond. Its color gradually become deep color until to brown in storage procedure. It is produced from agricultural wastes that contain pentosans, complex carbohydrates present within the cellulose in many woody plant tissues. Theoretically, almost any pentosan containing material or combination of materials can be used for the production of furfural.
Use: It can be used lubricating oil refining, furfuryl alcohol production by hydrogenation, making several organic chemical products, such as medicine pesticide. It is utilized as a solvent in petroleum industry.
≥ 98.5
≤ 0.2
Acid( mol/L):
≤ 0.016
Refractive index(D20 ):
Density (P20),g/cm3:
Distillation:IBP,deg C
          FBP,deg C
149 min
170 min
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