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Non-ion PAM (NP-6000)
The non- ion polyacrylamide products are polymerized form acrylamide
Appearant Viscosity
Degree of Hydrolysis, %
Solid Content,%
Resiudal Monomer, %
Partical Size, less than 0.2mm
Dissolution Time, hours
1.The level of NP-6000 series products is commonly below 0.1%.at normal temperature, dissolution time is 2-4 hours. 2.The products are packed 25㎏ per internationally-adopted bag which is made of three layers of paper and a layer of velum, also can be packed as the consumer

1. Mostly used as basic materials for various converted PAM products. For example, anion PAM can be hydrolyzed with various types of non-ion PAM as materials.
And non-ion PAM can be converted to cation PAM .

2.Used as water treatment products. Non-ion PAM is best suited for waste water containing acidic suspending objects. At this time, PAM functions to absorb and frame in order that suspending objects produce disposition to clarify waste water. Particularly it will be more convenient and efficient to use this product together with inorganic flocculation in water treatment.

3.Mixing 9.5 shares of non-ion PAM and a half share of N will produce water-plugging Chemical grouting products for dams, groundbases and tunnels.

4. Non-ion polyacrylamide has great absorbing ability to keep soil moisturized for a long time in dry areas.
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