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Zwtterion PAM(NP―5000)
The zwitterion PAM is manufactured from cationic monomer, acrylamide monomer, and anionic monomer. It’s a kind of polymer with both cationic and anionic on its molecule chain.
Cationic Degree, %
Anionic Degree, %
Residual monomer, %
Dissolving Time (h)
Partical Size, less than 0.2mm
1. The applied level of the NP-5000 Series is generally 0.05-0.1% and its dissolution time under normal temperature is no more than two hours.

2. The product is packaged in 25㎏ bags with three layers of paper and a layer of plastic. Special package can also be arranged based on customer requirement.


1.Water-plugging mixing and analyzing product in oilfield: the wide use of oilfield has displayed that the character of the polymer is beyond other water-plugging products.

2. As a new type of water treatment flocculation agent, NP-2000 has the function of zwitterions. It can fulfill the combination of negative and positive ions. Particularlly in the areas where the conditions are cmplex, This product is very convenient and efficient .

3.Mud dehydration: the zwitterion polyacrylamide as specific mud dehydration,after dehydrating test and use toward various mud, are both more efficient than single-ion polyacrylamide
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