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Cationic poly-Acrylamide
The cationic poly-Acrylamide is produced from cationic monomer and Acrylamide monomer in different ratios.
Appearance Viscosity
Molecular Weight (million Dalton)
Cationic Charge (%)
Content (%)
Residual Monomer (%)
Particle Size, less than 0.15mm
Dissolving Time (h)
The product is packaged in 25㎏ bags with three layers of paper and three layers of plastic. Special package can also be arranged based on customer’s requirement.

Main uses:

1. Used for mud dehydration. It is used for mud dehydration efficiently before the mud is processed in the dehydrating machines. The hydrating rate of the mud can be reduced to 80% with small amount of this product.

2. The product is also widely used in waste water treatment.

3. The product is also used as flocculation agent for fresh water
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