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Comprofile Gasket
Comprofile Gasket
Comprofile Gasket

1. Structure
Comprofile gasket is a composite gasket which utilizes a serrated metal core with a soft facing material. The metal core is a machined on each contact face with concentric serrations which provide high pressure areas, ensuring that the soft coating flows into any imperfections in the flange even at relatively low bolt loads. The result is a gasket which combines the benefits of soft cut materials with the advantages of seal integrity associated with metallic gaskets.
2. Performance and Features
· Have a wide range of seating stresses under which the seal is effected and maintained
· Can be used when there is insufficient bolt load to seal conventional gasket materials
· Easy to handle and fit
· Suitable for a wide range of operating conditions
· The soft facing layer prevents damage to the flange
· Provide a high integrity seal including thermo-cycling and shock loading conditions
· Sealing is not sensitive to uneven bolt loading conditions
· Can be refurbished with a new facing layer and re-used

3. Applications 
· Heat Exchanger and Vessel applications
· High and low temperatures
· Pressures of up to 250 bar
· Low bolt loads
· Small flange widths
· Damaged flanges
4. Materials
Core Material Facing Material Temp. ℃ Pressure bar
304 Flexible Graphite -196 ~ 600 300
304L PTFE  -268 ~ 260 210
316 Expanded PTFE -268 ~ 315 280
316L Non-asbestos -100 ~ 250 100
Copper Silver -200 ~ 750 250

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